Thursday, June 19, 2008

Right and Right Again

I've been re-reading the Twilight series. Yeah. Okay. I get it. I'm obsessed. Whatever.

Let's talk about the fact that I have a new boyfriend. His name is Jackson Rathbone, and he plays Jasper Hale in the Twilight movie.

He is all sorts of lovely.

So monndaayy I hung out with Vince for a bit. He is lovely and really goodlooking, but says silly things like "you and your friends use big words". Silly! Then I met up with Angela and went to the St. Greg's carnival, which I've never been to before. It's pretty legit, but it was raining and there weren't a lot of people. Then we went to Fridays to meet up with Lesley. The girl who was the hostess asked us whether we wanted to sit in the bar or in a different area, and I said jokingly, "depends on if there are any hot guys". We chose to sit in the bar, and told the hostess (joking, of course) to sit any hot guys that come in at the table next to us. About five minutes later, she came back and sat two boys next to us, which cracked us up. They weren't really goodlooking, but it was hilarious. Turns out the hostess and I know each other - we have a lot of mutual friends. Her name is Lauren and she's really cute. I might have to hit up that Friday's again to hit on her.

After we ate we went out to Angela's "spot" and had a cigarette (soooo rebellious, I know) and layed ontop of her car, looking at the stars. It was lovely. We then went back to Angela's house to watch "Teeth".

LET ME TELL YOU. "Teeth" was an adventure. It's a movie about a girl who has teeth in her vagina, and she bites off penises of boys who are bad to her. I won't spoil the end for you. But it was gruesome and disturbing. I guess it was worth the watch, though. I was curious about it. It was an interesting experience.

Running on about two hours of sleep, we woke up at 4am to go to Anthropologie, where Angela works, to do Inventory. Basically we scanned things. It was .... I guess a good time? Angela, Lesley and I had a good time messing around and stuff. And a girl who I have a crush on works there, and she is gorgeous.

Let's talk about So You Think You Can Dance.

Fav dancers: Twitchington, Mark&Chelsea, Kourtni, Katee and Gev. I'm glad Marquis is gone. I thought Susie was a good dancer but he was a CRAP partner for her. I thought she could have done much better with a better partner. I really loved Courney & Gev's contemporary, and Mark&Chelsea's tango. I LOVE the Argentine tango, and I thought they danced it really well.

I'm really excited for "The Edge of Love" with Sienna Miller, Kiera Knightly, and Cillian Murphy.

There might be a little girl-on-girl action? Sienna & Kiera are both beautiful, so that would be nice. Plus Cillian is GORG. I really like the look of this movie, and I love stories that involve a lot of sex and love affairs and lesbianism, so this should be a good time!

I wrote a nice little short story last night at 4am. Finished it today. It's only about three pages long, but I'm happy with it.

I hope I find something to do this weekend. My social life needs to pick up speed.

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