Monday, June 30, 2008

kill one, save a thousand, or "i'll out bitch you, plus i've got better clothes"

I keep saying to myself, "I need to blog". But then I get too tired or whatever and forget. BUT I will make up for all of it now.

Last monday & wednesday, Angela and I (and Daniel on monday) went Shia LaBeouf stalking. Transformers 2 was filming in Princeton, and Angela & I want to sleep with famous people so we went to try and get our groupie on. Monday we saw Shia walking down the street and Angela followed him for a while, but it was clear he was trying to avoid her so we let him go. Wednesday we waited by the hotel after filming wrapped and we saw both Shia and Megan Fox, both are hothothot. Unfortunately no pictures :( But fond memories.

Friday, HeyKate and I went to a local band show, which we haven't done in AGES. I wore this:

plus these new shoes:

They are ace for boy catching

I miss going to these shows a lot, but it's better this way. Now I find them usually lame, but now I am also a Scene Queen. You see, when I was young and used to go to these things all the time, I was just some girl with a camera trying to groupie her way into hotter friends. Now, I don't talk to people, people talk to me. And people talk ABOUT me. No joke, we heard girls talking about us in the bathroom. Seriously. And moment of badassery:
Me (to boy, after his band has played.): Give me your phone.
Him: OH. (hands me his phone)
Me (after putting my number in): Text me something sexy tonight.
Him: Tonight? OH. Okay.


And he did text me. It was fun.

Today I started work. 8 hours of putting labels on test tubes. I am waiting for The Doctor to come rescue me.

Episode 12 was BADASS. I cried for the Doctor & Rose, I cried for Torchwood (missing Tosh and Owen), I cried when The Doctor...well....I've got theories about his regeneration. I cried and screamed with glee and had trouble getting to sleep after.

I just got back from seeing WANTED with Angela.

I WANTED TO FUCK THIS MOVIE. I wanted to pull this movie into a back alley and screw its brains out.

Common was HOT, Angelina was HOT, and James made me cream myself on several occasions (see above).

Highly recommend it.

Many ace Angela & Tina moments tonight as well. Conning the Friday's staff into singing for us, telling people we were famous, bitchfaces, general fabulousity. My life would be incomplete without my wifey.


BIG fashion update coming tomorrow!

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