Monday, May 19, 2008

Inaugural Post

Basically this blog is all about summer: the fashion, books, movies, and happenings.

A little about me before we begin. My name is Christina and I'm 19. I live in New Jersey, which kind of sucks but is nice because its a halfway point between Philly and NYC. I am currently an English Major with hopes of becoming a professional writer (I'll be writing about attempts to get published here, so hopefully I'll be able to provide information to anyone who is looking to start a writing career as well!). I have awesome friends and we like to have a lot of fun. I like fashion, books (lots of books), film, boys and girls, photographs, vintage things, being outside, makeup, music, poetry, pretending I'm English, spending all day in bed, and not doing what my parents tell me.

Happy Summer!

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MIUMIU said...

Nice to meet you, look at your blog sympathy.
And links to your blog please.
Waited for your reply.