Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Job? pt. 2

Hit up Anthropologie today. I love that store so much and I would so love to work there. PLUS Angela (my wifey) and Corin (my lesbian fantasy) work there so it would just be like a dream job. Also put in an application at the B&N in that mall. Then there was a group interview at 5 for Anthropologie which was weird but they're obviously looking for the girls who stand out and speak up and stuff so I guess that's alright. I told the story about how Angela became my wifey. I hope they thought that was cute and they didnt go "fuckin homo" and write me off. CUZ THATS DISCRIMINATION! But all in all I think it was good and fabulous.

Wore this:

top - American apparel
skirt & headband - forever 21
shoes - urban outfitters
bag - betseyville by betsey johnson

of course nothing from anthropologie but i did feel very alice in wonderland

I just have to say one thing about American Idol ... COOK FTW what a babe.

So tomorrow I have to clean my room so I can make space for my dearest Connor who is coming to stay with me this weekend whilst my parents are away. Saturday night = party with my loves!! I'm so excited!


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